Now they’re not so fashionable but a few years ago you used to see people with anklets or ballasted wristbands to go running, even with dumbbells in their hands. This is not very advisable because, although it may seem lightweight, it is creating unnecessary over-stress in the joints.

This practice is mainly carried out by thinking that we will tone the muscles more while we run. Nothing could be further from the truth: if, for example, we take dumbbells for running or walking, we will be overloading muscles like trapezes and we will prevent the natural movement of the arms.

Other people do this practice thinking they can burn more calories, but instead it is much easier and less risky for muscles and joints to increase the intensity of the race. In this way, if this is our goal, we will burn more calories and also avoid possible injuries.

The use of ballasts on ankles and wrists can not only lead to injuries in these joints, but also overweight can cause the spine to swing to the left and right to compensate for that small extra weight, and eventually appear pain at the level of the spine.

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