If you have several routes when you go jogging, surely there is one with a hill at the beginning and another with a hill at the end, haven’t you ever wondered if it’s better to do one or the other?

Running on a slope at the beginning or at the end of training will basically depend on our preferences, but above all on our state of form.

If our fitness is not very good it may be better to run on a slope at the beginning of the training. Why? Because both our cardiovascular system and our muscular system will thank us since we will face the hardest part at the beginning when we are cooler and we avoid overload in the final part, which is when we are fairest.

This may not be our case and we may be in good physical shape. Then we might be interested in the opposite, finishing the training with a good slope that ends up making the training more intense and gives us that feeling of fatigue and having done a good job.

One way or another, when we go out to run should be the first 5-10 minutes on as flat terrain as possible and if it is difficult to face it with tranquillity, as it is necessary to acclimatize the body with a good warm-up, not starting with sudden changes.

The slopes are an extra stimulus for your muscles and heart, make sure you are well prepared before facing them because they are one of the risks of injury in the runner due to the stress supported by muscle, joints and tendons.

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