When you start running, you start out for pleasure, a few kilometers away and go home. Little by little we want more and we increase the mileage, but there comes a time when we want to run faster and for that longer sessions are no longer valid, we will have to train shorter but more intense.

The fact of doing shorter workouts to run faster refers mainly to mileage and not so much to the time of the session. That is to say, if we want to improve our race pace we will train shorter distances but at a higher intensity , either in the form of short series, long series or interval training.

In general, an average filming session is usually 60-80% of the maximum pulsations. Training to improve the speed of the race requires higher intensities, 85-95% of our FCM, hence we have to divide the session into series with breaks to support such intensity.

Every runner who wants to improve their race pace should do one or two times a week a series training in its different aspects , leaving aside the mileage and focusing on the intensity of the race. The type of series, how many do or the rest time between them depends a lot on the physical form and the test that we want to prepare.

With this type of training shorter but more intense breaks the average trot and sometimes tired that we have taken days ago. An improvement always requires an extra effort, and in the race it is worth sacrificing long shootings for shorter and harder workouts : in the end it has a very significant improvement.

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