The treadmill is not only there to put it at a fixed speed and watch the minutes pass while we watch the gym TV. With the treadmill, we can train several qualities and in different ways. Let’s see some examples:

  • Training 3+3: consists of running 3 minutes at 65% followed by another 3 minutes at 80%. So on until you complete about 20-30 minutes, depending on the level we have. With this we are going to increase our rhythm in the race, the one that leaves us K.O. when we change the cruising speed.
  • Training on slopes: here the idea is to work on power and speed alternating periods of high intensity with periods of medium intensity and short duration. It consists of alternating 2 minutes at 75% with the inclined ramp about 2º with 1 minute at 65% and with the horizontal ramp. The total training time will also be about 20-30 minutes, depending on the physical condition and intensity you want to give the training.
  • Long-distance training: perfect for those who want to reduce their weight a little or for those who want to work on the aerobic capacity that is the basis of an endurance sport. It consists of running periods of 20 in 20 minutes alternating the intensity slightly from 70% to 75% and so on until completing an hour or hour and a half.

These three methods are continuous methods of variable intensity, that is to say, the training is carried out without breaks but varying the intensity along with the same one. Playing with more or less intensity works the aerobic and anaerobic capacity respectively. As it is logical depending on the level we can increase or decrease the times of the periods or the intensities to adapt the training.

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